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Our Story

Multisport Australia (MSA) was established in 1995 by Belinda Soszyn and Greg Darcy, both athletes who understood the importance of timing and accuracy to athletes. MSA has led the way in innovation since its commencement. MSA began humbly with the processing of manually scribed times into computer generated results. In 2000 MSA introduced Low-Frequency returnable chip timing to the market and it remained the standard for many years.

In 2006 MSA introduced Active Chips to the multisport market and in 2008 the first disposable UHF chip into the Australian market was introduced by MSA at the Melbourne Marathon.

MSA today operates in over 15 countries under the brand Sportsplits with offices in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland and South Africa. MSA remains the largest Timing Company in Australia and SportSplits is ranked in the top 10 worldwide


MSA has provided timing services to Mothers Day Classic - Sydney event since 2001, when timing was manually scribed for each runner. Timing then progressed to chip timing in 2003. As the Mothers Day Classic race grew, so did MSA with the addition of the Western Sydney and Canberra events and in later years, Perth.

In 2018 and 2019 MSA provided the Timing and Results service for 15 Mothers Day Classic Runs across Australia concurrently. All events were controlled from the MSA office in Sydney where a core team coordinated the deployment of over 30 timing systems and 25 staff across the country.









Ethics and Sustainability

MSA and Sportsplits Group are committed to strict ethical conduct and this, together with the emphasis on health and safety and respect towards the wider society and environment in our global work, is the foundation of a sustainable business model.

We understand that our reputation and good name is one of our greatest assets where we, as management lead the team by example and not just through policy.

The environment is our work place and must be looked after. Our continual review of products, process and procedures to reduce the carbon foot print for both the company and our clients is key to longevity in the active sporting arena. Where possible we promote the use of recycled materials, reuse equipment and recycle our waste.